I watched the movie ‘Julie & Julia’, 2.5 times, and along with several others decided to dive into the ‘blog-pool’.  Unlike Julia, I’m not working my way through a specific book or list, yet.  (though I’ve since started a Bible Walkthrough site) My plan here is to continue exploring the variety of things I find interesting, and inviting you to follow me down whatever rabbit trail smells good to you.  A few things I’m knocking around at the moment are:

  • Obscure Biblical Dramas
  • Those Horrible Homonyms (both English and ASL)
  • If I Ran the Justice System
  • Cooperative & Competitive Personalities
  • Painted vs Stained

Don’t let the name fool you – this isn’t exactly a craft site.    The idea is a bit more abstract – a collection of oddly shaped pieces in a variety of colors is a fair overview of my life and skill sets.  Highly creative, obsessively organized in some aspects, and all over the map in eclectic interests.  When considering what a website or business venture would be called, I thought of Mosaic, Patchwork and other terms, until I learned a bit more about the properties of Stained Glass.  It fit too perfectly to be discarded, and so it is now the overall theme.   More on that for the interested.

Those who choose to visit will find links, reviews, and commentaries on a variety of topics, to include American Sign Language, Clowning, Single Life, Christianity, and the occasional cultural/political rant.  I’ll endeavor to keep them both organized and creative.

Happy Reading!


I’m intending to make this a central resource for many useful links in a variety of areas.  Most of the places I link to belong to someone else, so I cannot vouch for or be accountable for what you may find there.  Please notify me if any of them are no longer in service or are clearly inappropriate for people of upstanding character.

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In short, I don’t collect your information and I certainly don’t sell it.  Arrangements you make with advertisers or clubs found through this site are between you and the other parties – my only role is introduction & handy access.

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oddly shaped bits of color arranged to form a picture… LIFE: oddly shaped bits of experience arranged to form a character.