First, it seems important that I clarify a new relationship. I, the person, am now a member of the Silent Blessings Deaf Ministries team. I also have associations with the NRA and Kroger’s food handler’s union. Whatever I say on this blog is my saying, and if it has direct correlation to organizations or persons, I will have them review that particular article before it gets published. Please do not attempt to hold them accountable for anything else I may express on this blog, because it’s my blog, and I am a very diverse individual.

Links are places I’ve found that I return to for a variety of reasons.  Since they belong to someone else, you may find content that doesn’t match what you know to be true of me, whether in some opinion or visual offerings.  I only vouch for the items I have personally written.  Of course, I also only post sites that, to my knowledge, are mostly suitable for people of clean minds and upstanding character.

Likewise, some of the ministries posted in the links may have points of doctrine or practice that differ from my own.  This in and of itself doesn’t negate the quality of their teachings.  Everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) needs to be verified with the whole of scripture and your personal relationship with God.  Scripture, which we know to be the word of God Himself, is the authority, not me, by a long shot.

As for the Sign Language links – these too, I’m adding as I find them with only a brief peek at their offerings.  I’m hearing, ASL is not my native language, and just like English, it changes constantly for a variety of reasons.  Please look to those in your world who use ASL as their primary language to verify signs you see on any linked site.  Please also double check with event coordinators to see if the event is still on and whether it’s open to hearing students or explorers.  Some events and groups are, some are not – the welcome or embarrassment will be yours.

If you follow one of these links and find material that is way out of bounds, or a failure notice, please notify me and I will look into it, making whatever changes to this site seem necessary.

A few examples…

  • Movie sites, of course, include movies and programs of all ratings – surf at your own risk
  • Worth1000 has a nearly unlimited variety of themes, some of which are irreverent or potentially offensive
  • Steve Hanks’ artwork includes a few pieces of mature material not suitable for young eyes
  • Highway to a Husband, 52 Weeks, and Adventures are blogs of dating life as adults in the big world – read at your own risk
Finally, I have signed up with an affiliate program.  Some information on that, and a privacy policy, can be found here.

What are your thoughts?

oddly shaped bits of color arranged to form a picture… LIFE: oddly shaped bits of experience arranged to form a character.