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  1. Hmmmmm…

    It looks like you are getting yourself overwhelmed and “paralyzed” by looking at everything all at once. Slow your brain down on these things on your list.

    Take everything one step at a time, identify your priorities (even if they are priorities set by professors) and established due dates. Look at what really needs to be done, focus on them first and don’t even think about what else needs done. Then cross that off the list when finished (and don’t let yourself get distracted). Go to the next thing that is due and take care of it – cross it off your list. If you keep everything spinning in the same barrel, you won’t even get the first item accomplished and finished. Social engagements (other than church or school work i.e. practicing signing) has to be put on hold until the “have to’s” are finished. Everyone knows you are in classes now, and many of your friends are probably in the same situation – they will understand if you have to decline and set another time to get together… If they don’t – they aren’t worth worrying about!

    1. Priority ONE – You must eat; and you must get appropriate sleep – no options on either!
    2. Organize ONE TIME (set your priorities while you are organizing), it will help you get organized;
    3. Reading – read only what is required for your assignments until all assignments are completed; don’t juggle your reading or pick up something else to read for pleasure or other information – stick to what is required to complete the assignment.
    4. Write only what applies to your assignments – leave e-mail, blogs, stained glass, instant messaging, e-mails, etc., until assignment writings are done;
    5. Researching – does that need to be done prior to your writing? if so, do it first – if not, put it in the order of what is due and set it in your priority; You are spinning your wheels just going over what “needs” to be done.
    6. Reviewing – is this reviewing what you have prepared for your classes? Or reviewing your “to do list”?

    I know, my recommendations don’t sound like much fun, but if you will get into the habit of focusing on one priority at a time, you’ll find that you do have time for a social life too. If not, you will just continue to be frustrated and feel overwhelmed. So, TAKE A DEEP BREATH, MAKE A COMMITMENT TO GIVE IT YOUR BEST EFFORT, AND GO FOR IT! It will pay off in the long run, besides, you won’t get the opportunity to do it over. Now is your time…

    Don’t expend your time writing a blog about how much you have to do and how overwhelmed you feel – take that time instead to do what needs to be done – i.e. your assignments.

    All of the above is said with love and (believe me) understanding; and yes, I felt overwhelmed – extremely so. You can achieve it, and do it well. You have a little over a year to go. I love you and know it will all work out for you – just don’t look at the whole pie at one time – take it one bite at a time…

  2. I don’t see your graduation as an item on your calendar? You didn’t cancel it did you???? smile !!!

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