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This would be the stuff that doesn’t exactly fit anywhere else.

Beware of Black Ice

Fun morning – started out as usual, headed to the office by the normal route, up a ramp onto a freeway. I’ve been doing it for 2 years now, and this winter has been decidedly un-wintery so far. No worries…. until I saw the ambulance backing down the ramp and the blue lights on the vehicle midway up. To my left, the subject, a truck that suddenly took a steep drop off the freeway and landed on the driver’s side.  Continue reading Beware of Black Ice

Cure Cancer Band

A couple of lifetimes ago, a coworker brought in some really great Christmas CDs. This was the third year that a group of friends had put together some songs in fine style. Sale proceeds were to go toward one of the families dealing with cancer, and then to cancer research itself. Due to the cause, the material, the quality of the albums, and my financial strength at the time, I bought a copy of each year’s CD. I’m now 3 behind, if anyone wants to get me caught up. Continue reading Cure Cancer Band

Dear Santa (2015)

Dear Santa –

Just like last year, I really don’t need stuff.  I have areas stuffed with stuff.  Honestly, this year’s birthday gift was so big that a Christmas list seems greedy. But I know that lists make it easier to get checkmarks – Mrs. Claus and I both like checkmarks.

Continue reading Dear Santa (2015)

Fortune Cookie Wisdom

Yes, for some odd reason, I keep some of my fortune cookie slips.  Every time I sort through papers, I find more of these little bits, and some of them have come at most opportune times to offer encouragement.  It’s in those moments that I offer a “Thank You”, because I believe God gives us love notes from time to time, if only we’d have the eyes to see them.

One way to keep these little tidbits is to jot them down somewhere reliable – where else but my own blog?   Enjoy!


Wise aware of their treasure, while fools follow their vanity.

Don’t be afraid to take a chance when the opportunity of a lifetime appears.

Be prepared to accept a wondrous opportunity in the days ahead!

You will be traveling and coming into a fortune.

Overlooked Harvest

DSC00170 I have recently spent miles, even hours, driving past fields of corn and soybeans.  I found myself pondering what it would take to bring in that harvest if the farmers didn’t have machines… and then, the question of whether machines leave anything behind for the poor to gather… and how many of our poor might go out into the fields, combing through fallen stalks for grain to sustain their families… and whether any but the hungry would see value in that small overlooked harvest. Continue reading Overlooked Harvest