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I was called to be a missionary to the deaf community, the largest unreached people group on every continent. I’m currently assigned to Silent Blessings Deaf Ministries, developing faith resources for deaf children. We include English voiceovers and English/Spanish captions so that everyone in the family can understand and enjoy the material.

We are blessed to be working alongside other ministries who are developing quality faith resources for deaf people of all ages in the US and around the world. Each group has their niche, like an arrangement of well-fitting gears. According to a thorough nationwide study conducted in 2015, we are the only ministry focused on developing faith resources for deaf children.

I receive a small salary from funds donated to Silent Blessings –

My living expenses are kept low by staying in the guest rooms of others. Still, there’s the matter of insurance, fuel, groceries, and school debt. Health issues & workload hinder a second job.  

– but if donations don’t come in, they can’t be paid out.

You can make tax deductible contributions online

or send your check or money order to:

Silent Blessings Deaf Ministries
8930 Bash St, Suite E
Indianapolis, IN 46256

(On the memo, please indicate where your gift should go:
‘Janeen’ for my salary or ‘general fund’ for ministry needs.)

You can make direct donations to me through  or by sending a gift card for food or fuel. Note that gifts sent directly to me do not qualify as tax deductible.

Janeen Jarrell
8710 Bash St, Unit 502762
Castleton, IN 46250

Thank you again, every gift is appreciated.


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