DWW – Dear Haylee…

As I mentioned in DWW – Dear Donald, part of my task at Silent Blessings is to respond to fan mail. Sometimes they simply say hello, sometimes they ask about Lisa’s pink hair or Paula’s blue hair, and sometimes they ask bigger questions. Here’s one from today (yes, I changed the names).

Hi. I am Haylee my sister is deaf we sign American Sign Language. We love your show and please pray one day she can hear.

Love from Haylee and Oralee


Hello Haylee and Oralee, thanks for writing!

We’re so glad you enjoy the show – we make it for families just like yours, so that everyone is included whether they sign or not. It’s great that your family uses both languages to communicate with one another.

Ahh…to pray that Oralee can hear… may I tell you a story? It’s a true story from a dear friend of mine. She was born deaf, and her family prayed that she could hear. It’s what families do – we want everyone we love to have all the same advantages that seem normal to us. Well, Jesus gave her hearing for just one day, and it was very strange and confusing for her. Suddenly the world was noisy and she still didn’t know which sounds belonged to birds or which sounds belonged to train whistles. That night, Jesus spoke to my friend’s aunt, one who had prayed so much – He said, “I have plans for her, I made her deaf on purpose.” The next day, my friend’s world was quiet again. When she grew up, she began teaching deaf people about Jesus from the Bible, using sign language, because it is her primary language. Being deaf, she understood how to share Jesus with other deaf people, something most people cannot do. His plan for her was to reach other deaf people for Him, and the best way she could do that was to be deaf herself.

Go ahead and pray that Jesus will do something powerful in Oralee’s life, and in yours. He may decide to give her hearing, or he may decide to make her a very special and rare missionary to a bunch of people who have never heard of Him. His ways are best, always. He designed you both very carefully for special work – now is your time to learn all that He has to teach you, especially how to communicate with Him. You’ll see later how He has brought you friends and experiences that He will use to reach other people. Then, in Heaven, everyone will be able to communicate freely because we’ll all have every advantage.

Thanks again for writing, stay tuned – there’s more in store!

– Your friends at Dr. Wonder’s Workshop