Five Minute Friday – “Speak”


Express your thoughts, if you can…

Are you permitted to express yourself in your current environment? Will anyone perceive your expression? Will they act positively on it?

Are you capable of expressing yourself? Must it be vocalized, or can you use signs, gestures, or writing? Again, will anyone perceive your expression, and will they act positively on it?

Are you right in expressing yourself? Could you cause undue harm? Is it your thought, or is it a thought you’ve explored, is it factual?

In America, thanks to the first amendment to the constitution, you have the right to express yourself. But please, America, let’s express ourselves responsibly, or that right may disappear under the guise of enforcing safe expressions.

Ask those who may not express themselves without fear of reprisal.

Speak up, responsibly.

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5 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday – “Speak””

  1. These are such great thoughts given the heat on social media about so many things. Really good questions to be asking ourselves. I’ve been thinking through similar things – what the right to freedom of speech means, and what the responsibility of freedom of speech means, too. Thanks for this.

    Great to meet you via Five Minute Friday! If you want a free book, Coming Back to God When You Feel Empty (on the book of Ruth), then do check out my website

  2. Great reminder: Speak up responsibly… That often requires prayer, reflection, research, and conversations with people whose life experiences are far different from my own. Oh, to be more intentional about doing that!

  3. I’ve always heard that before we speak, we should THINK, “is it true? is it helpful? is it important? is it necessary? is it kind?” I remembered that when I was reading your post – too bad I didn’t remember it when I was writing mine this morning – haha!

  4. This speaks to a deep need to be responsible with our words and our voices. Challenging when I feel like I haven’t quite known WHAT to say in response to the current racial climate. Thank you for prompting me to pray more about this. Great post! Your neighbor in spot 46.

  5. Unfortunately some of the most sane thoughts seem to be unwelcome in the current climate. I’m afraid it will get worse before it gets better…sigh. Violence solves nothing, only creates more problems.

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