The VBS Jungle

Hello friends, it’s been a while…

Let’s start with a few priority items. I want to thank you for your support over the last several years. Whether personal, emotional, financial, or in prayer, it all helps, and it is all appreciated. Continue reading The VBS Jungle

DWW – Dear Haylee…

As I mentioned in DWW – Dear Donald, part of my task at Silent Blessings is to respond to fan mail. Sometimes they simply say hello, sometimes they ask about Lisa’s pink hair or Paula’s blue hair, and sometimes they ask bigger questions. Here’s one from today (yes, I changed the names).

Continue reading DWW – Dear Haylee…

Beware of Black Ice

Fun morning – started out as usual, headed to the office by the normal route, up a ramp onto a freeway. I’ve been doing it for 2 years now, and this winter has been decidedly un-wintery so far. No worries…. until I saw the ambulance backing down the ramp and the blue lights on the vehicle midway up. To my left, the subject, a truck that suddenly took a steep drop off the freeway and landed on the driver’s side.  Continue reading Beware of Black Ice

Ministry Report – the year 2015

Wow!  They say the calendar pages speed up with every birthday. In this instance, “they” are apparently correct. The latest post in the Ministry Report category was written December 5, 2014, and covered September through November. Clearly I’m not doing well with my intended schedule of updates. But, there’s a New Year heading this way fast, so we’ll make that a resolution – or at least an intention – for 2016. Continue reading Ministry Report – the year 2015

Cure Cancer Band

A couple of lifetimes ago, a coworker brought in some really great Christmas CDs. This was the third year that a group of friends had put together some songs in fine style. Sale proceeds were to go toward one of the families dealing with cancer, and then to cancer research itself. Due to the cause, the material, the quality of the albums, and my financial strength at the time, I bought a copy of each year’s CD. I’m now 3 behind, if anyone wants to get me caught up. Continue reading Cure Cancer Band

oddly shaped bits of color arranged to form a picture… LIFE: oddly shaped bits of experience arranged to form a character.