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Why I should stay off FB

I declared myself off of FB…should have followed my own counsel…but I popped in and learned something important about a friend, which caused me to pop in again, and spinning deeper into the vortex that is FB, I found the following recurring themes begging comment. So, here are the comments – all in one spot.

RE: “the red cup”: you’ve heard of bait, right? why are people on both sides still biting??

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Can you get to Heaven without an Ark?

This is a debate in the modern church  that is unfortunately divisive.  Both sides are quite sincere and bring their evidence and logic to bear, seeking that others might understand and agree.

Must one believe in the literal understanding of the Genesis tales? That human life really started in a garden with a talking serpent, and a day when God decided to drown all the earth and start over with the one man who trusted Him and seven immediate family members?  Can you get to Heaven without believing in Noah’s Ark?

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Unhealthy Alignment

In the past few years of increased driving, I’ve started to notice a tendency that I’m having significant trouble correcting. It’s the unhealthy alignment of my right leg – dominant for drivers in the USA. Naturally, as my thoughts tend to do (especially when driving), I found a devotional thought in this observation.

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Computer, I want…

Ahh, Star Trek… one of my favorites for several reasons.  What fun it would be to schedule holographic vacations where you could take trips to anywhere and dance with computer-generated figures of just the right build and character…  Then you could sit down to an actual meal of generated lobster with perfectly grilled asparagus…  What I’d really like to have, honestly, is a domestic android (ala Bicentennial Man) who not only dances well, but also enjoys removing spiders & dustbunnies and washing dishes.

That’s why we enjoy TV & movies, they feed our imaginations (which so often are starving these days because we’ve lost the art of exercising and feeding them ourselves).

It turns out, according to an article I just tripped over (and some overheard conversations), that we’ve made long strides toward making this fantasy a reality.  We have arrived at the place where, if you can imagine it, the computer can build it.  There are no food replicators yet, but as we continue converting to soy substitutes and making advances in 3D printing, it moves closer to the realm of possible.

We shouldn’t be surprised, because the Babel story in Genesis 11:1-9 records God as saying “nothing they plan to do will be impossible.”  (tangent available)

As with all creative efforts, we can applaud that science is making progress toward better prosthetics (reference my overheard conversation) and the ability to recreate outdated machine components (as opposed to storing them, just in case).  Someday, perhaps, everyone will be able to enjoy the flavor of lobster at the price of soy.

There’s always, unfortunately, a flip-side…a corruption of creativity that has existed since before Genesis…an exploitation of the possible in order to promote or keep a few people in the position of power, the image of God warped to the devil’s glee.  The ultimate illustration has been written down for a long time, in Revelation.  A careful reading of the article will show you that we’re closer than we may realize. When we get there, somehow, even dry bread will be an expensive delicacy.

Keep your eyes open, folks…even in the fantasy world of Star Trek, there are bad guys.

How Superstitions Start

I have to throw away my shoes. They’re fine shoes, my go-to shoes for a quick dash out the door, but there’s something about those brown shoes that make Doug’s friends see red. They haven’t said anything outright, they don’t really seem to take note, but there’s a strange coincidence between their worst occasions and my choice of footwear. Yup, it’s official, the shoes have got to go.

There have been other times that I’ve worn those shoes around Doug’s friends with no turmoil, and other rough times when I was wearing different shoes, so I know there’s no direct correlation. The observation has been made enough times, however, that it has become a running joke. Bad night? Wrong shoes. Should’ve known. And thus begins the newest superstition.

I’m not a superstitious sort, but many are. They put some merit to the fear of black cats and walking under ladders (although, caution around a ladder seems prudent). Finger crossing, rabbit’s feet, and lucky t-shirts (and unlucky shoes) are on an ever-growing list of things to keep handy or avoid. Where do these odd ideas come from? I’m beginning to learn…

Something unusually good or bad may occur, and we look for the rhyme or reason behind it, the cause to the effect. Sometimes an identifiable cause exists, and sometimes it doesn’t. When it doesn’t, we keep searching. If there’s a similar event later, we study the previous event to find matching facts. We’re willing to go so far as to recall wardrobe choices or pocket contents to come up with an answer. It’s somewhere in our human nature, we want there to be a predictable cause, so that we can have some control over what may affect us. Some people become absolutely crippled by the need to do everything just right, lest they miss something and get blindsided by the randomness of life. Superstition to the extreme.

There’s an easier, less stressful way to live. Get to know the One who knows all things and is in charge of keeping the world spinning at a consistent rate and direction. Granted, He allows pleasant and unpleasant circumstances to touch people who may be declared good or bad – rain on the just and unjust. He also makes two massive promises that He alone is able to keep. One, nothing happens without His foreknowledge and approval – it can’t touch you before it has gone through His hands. (Job) Two, He will cause all things, good or ill, to work together for the good of those who trust Him. (Romans 8:28) It could take a while, it could get ugly before the dust settles, but He’s got a plan to make the best of even the worst circumstance.

He’s constantly working on connecting unique lives for two objectives: first, to draw people to Himself, and second, to transform them into His character, fit to live with Him forever. This may mean that the sweetest lady you know is suddenly thrown into the hospital for three weeks by an accident involving a drunk driver and the death of her husband of 60 years. What looks horribly unfair to us may be a specific assignment to reach some nurses, a doctor, your niece the candy-striper, or that person you’ve been praying for for years who is in the next bed, scheduled for critical surgery.

The next time you need to find a cause, go to the original cause of all things, Jesus, and trust Him to affect your life in excellent ways. Let go of the need to be in control, and with it, the oppressive false responsibility for bad things happening.

I’m still going to get rid of those shoes. Spring is here, and I much prefer going barefoot!