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For the Love of Dog

You’ve heard of the differences between cats & dogs – that cats are independent and aloof, whereas dogs are pack animals, loyal and social to a fault. Interesting, isn’t it, that by simply reversing the letters, you get ‘god’….hmmm….

I’ve been in daily contact with a 2yo Golden Retriever. When I am the only human in the house, she insists on being as close to me as possible. More than two steps of distance in any direction is enough to get her to move, and when I’m alone in the house but not accessible, she lets out a mournful cry that would melt the sturdiest heart. I may have my reasons for being away from her, and know that I’m still being responsible for handling any emergency that could arise, yet she cries out for my company, the distance is too great. (well, she’d be thrilled with any of us humans, but that’s beside the point at hand)

Now, as a human who could be caught off balance and injured by falling, I’m rather uncomfortable finding her laying just behind my ankles.  I admit to being bemused when I open the bathroom door to find her laying against it.  Then there’s that despondent howl.

It was said, I believe by C.S.Lewis, that if you wish to know what worship looks like, look into the eyes of a dog.  It’s not that they’re always wanting you to feed or entertain them, they are most often content with being near. They stay near enough to be petted, to commiserate with your pain or grief, and to notice when you grab your coat & keys, in case they could go for a ride and see the world with you.  Of course, if you leave food unattended, they’ll be quick to snatch the blessing.

It struck me one day, do we have the same affection and devotion to God?  He won’t fall if we’re resting at His ankles, and there’s no telling what treasures or caresses we may get if we move to follow His every step.  We’ll certainly look back on a life less wasted if we’re alert and responsive, and may even get to see the world with Him.  The enemy will have a tougher time getting to us if we’re near and attentive to God – oftentimes, we make the tempter’s job way too easy.

Do we miss God when He’s not immediately accessible?  Do we cry out for His presence and wait in the last place we were with Him, or do we run off and content ourselves with a toy?

I’m not sure I’d recommend going to prayer with your tongue lolling and your behind wagging, but you may want to give some thought to what your devotion looks like, from a dog’s eye view.

Things… (!)

from Scott Wesley Brown, half a lifetime ago…

Things upon the mantle
Things on every shelf
Things that others gave me,
Things I gave myself
Things I’ve stored in boxes
That don’t mean much anymore
Old magazines and memories
Behind the attic door


Things on hooks and hangers,
Things on ropes and rings
Things I guard that blind me to
The pettiness of Things

Am I like the rich young ruler,
Ruled by all I own…
If Jesus came and asked me,
Could I leave them all alone?

Oh Lord, I look to Heaven beyond the veil of time
To gain eternal insight that nothing’s really mine
To only ask for daily bread
And all contentment brings
To find freedom as Your servant
In the midst of all these things.

For discarded in the junkyard,
Rusting in the rain,
Lie things that took the finest years
Of lifetimes to obtain;
And whistling through these tombstones
The hollow breezes sing…
A song of dreams surrendered to
The Tyranny of… THINGS

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~(c) S.W.B.~~~~~~~

I have reached clutter threshold,
and I’m preparing to move.
It’s the thoughts that count,
and I appreciate being thought of,
but please forgive me if some of the stuff
…in my apartment
…in apartment storage
…in the folks’ attic
…in the folks’ barn
…in the folks’ garage
doesn’t make it to my next destination.

I will take pictures, and by them, return to enjoy the memories.

I don’t want my children to be Happy

🙂  ahh..nice post, from someone else, and a worthy read – “I don’t want my children to be happy” – y’know what?  I don’t either.