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Five Minute Friday – “Try”

A few weeks ago, I decided to join Five Minute Friday. It’s a group of bloggers who free-write for exactly five minutes on a one-word prompt. The word that week was “Try,” and I like the idea I came up with, but Friday came and went without me getting it typed and submitted. I still like the idea, so here goes:

—————————-begin timer—————————————-

TRY – Test Reality Yourself. Don’t automatically believe that you cannot do something simply on the word of someone who isn’t you or doesn’t know your skills, determination, etc. Mind, don’t test Newton’s theory of gravity from a six-story building without a parachute. That’s something you can figure out without putting yourself in danger. But, given the chance to bike across the US or run a 5K or write a novel….go for it – Test Reality Yourself – you may discover that you can do more than you (or others) give you credit for.

Test what you’re told in the media – if you can visit a certain site or interview eyewitnesses, do it. You may find that the scope of information available is broader than what media editors choose to fit in the time slot or column size available. One meme puts it this way: turn off your TV and visit your neighbors – you’ll likely find that we’re more friendly than you’ve been told.

Test what you believe in matters of faith. Go ahead, the truth can handle the hardest questions and will reveal itself to those who diligently seek to know. False belief systems will fall under the weight of scrutiny, if you

———————-end timer————————————–

pile enough research and logic on them. Be careful, those who really sought the truth found it, and their lives were forever changed.

Test foods, whether they include unusual ingredients or come from other cultures. You may find that you enjoy flavors that at first glance look or sound awful. (Admittedly, I still haven’t tried banana peanut butter sandwiches, but apparently Elvis really enjoyed them.) My food repertoire (and waistline) are evidence that I give (almost) everything at least one try.

In our society, we’ve gone from being too quick to believe the authorities without challenge to being too quick to believe the opinion polls without research. Either one is a ditch, with reality and stability somewhere between. Test Reality Yourself, and you can find the solid ground.

T.R.Y. — I dare you!

Five Minute Friday – “Speak”


Express your thoughts, if you can…

Are you permitted to express yourself in your current environment? Will anyone perceive your expression? Will they act positively on it?

Are you capable of expressing yourself? Must it be vocalized, or can you use signs, gestures, or writing? Again, will anyone perceive your expression, and will they act positively on it?

Are you right in expressing yourself? Could you cause undue harm? Is it your thought, or is it a thought you’ve explored, is it factual?

In America, thanks to the first amendment to the constitution, you have the right to express yourself. But please, America, let’s express ourselves responsibly, or that right may disappear under the guise of enforcing safe expressions.

Ask those who may not express themselves without fear of reprisal.

Speak up, responsibly.

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Blogging at Silent Blessings

Hey friends –

Every time I open this website, I see how woefully behind I am in writing blog articles. That’s not recommended if you want to get your brand or message out to new people, or keep the interest of those who have followed you before.

But there’s good news – I HAVE been writing!

There’s a growing collection of articles on the Silent Blessings website, and yours truly is the body behind the keyboard. Check these out, and I’ll get some new stuff on this site as soon as I can.

Here’s a rundown of the most recent articles…

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DWW – Dear Haylee…

As I mentioned in DWW – Dear Donald, part of my task at Silent Blessings is to respond to fan mail. Sometimes they simply say hello, sometimes they ask about Lisa’s pink hair or Paula’s blue hair, and sometimes they ask bigger questions. Here’s one from today (yes, I changed the names).

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DWW – Dear Donald…

One of my tasks at Silent Blessings is to respond to fan mail.  Some of it is a simple greeting, and some of it is a little deeper.  Here’s one I wrote today to a young man who isn’t sure about this whole God and Bible thing…  but those of us who know God, well, we KNOW.  Do you know, or do you have questions like our young friend?

Hello Donald, thanks for writing!

You know, you have an interesting idea – and it’s one that other people have thought about before you. When you let go of a book, does it fall up or down? It falls down, because gravity pulls it toward the ground – but you can’t see gravity, it’s just there, always working. When the wind blows your hair into your face, can you see the wind, or just your hair? The wind is always there, sometimes moving a little and sometimes moving a lot – but what you see are the things that it moves, not the wind itself.

That’s how God is – always there, always working, sometimes in big windy ways and sometimes quiet just like gravity. We can’t see Him, but we can talk to Him, and if we believe in Him and read the Bible, He can talk back to us.

Now, about the Bible…people have asked that question too. Do this: get about 4 friends together, and tell everyone to write a story that has a prince and a dragon and a horse and a mountain. When everyone writes their stories by themselves, read them all together and see if they match. Then, ask everyone to start with a clean piece of paper and write the story as you tell it. When they read the stories they all got from you, the stories will match, because they all came from your mind.

It took more than 40 people writing stories and letters for 4,000 years to make the book we call the Bible. Some of those stories, like King Nebuchadnezzar taking over Jerusalem, are also written in other books and papers from the same time. So you see, somebody big must be telling the whole story, because they all fit together, and we can see pieces of the story happening still today. That big somebody is who we call God, because He’s big enough to see the whole story from long before we were born until long after we’re great-grandparents.

And the best news? He has a chapter in the story just for you! Ask Him to help you understand who He is and how much He loves you, and then He can start telling you about your part in the big story – maybe you’ll be a prince who climbs a big mountain on a horse and defeats a dragon!

Thanks again for writing. Stay tuned, there’s more in store!

– Your friends at Dr. Wonder’s Workshop