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President Washington’s Thanksgiving Proclamation

By the President of the United States of America, a Proclamation.

Whereas it is the duty of all Nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey his will, to be grateful for his benefits, and humbly to implore his protection and favor– and whereas both Houses of Congress have by their joint Committee requested me to recommend to the People of the United States a day of public thanksgiving and prayer to be observed by acknowledging with grateful hearts the many signal favors of Almighty God especially by affording them an opportunity peaceably to establish a form of government for their safety and happiness. Continue reading President Washington’s Thanksgiving Proclamation

Night of the Wolfmen

It wasn’t really night, more like supper time nearing dusk. We could easily walk the 4-6 blocks back to campus before dark. There was no cause for concern, until there was… Continue reading Night of the Wolfmen

2013 January: Living with my Husband’s family

If you know me, you’re doing a double-take and scanning through every Christmas card and Facebook status you can find… If you know me well, you’re smiling, shaking your head, rolling your eyes, or some of each.

I haven’t changed my last name, nor is there any difference in the number of shoes in my closet or people in my bed. You didn’t miss the big party, well, maybe….but it was a graduation party, not a wedding reception. There will be another article that goes into all that, but for now the topic is January 2013.

In January, I moved into a home prepared several years ago and provided at the last hour (literally) before I surrendered the whole adventure due to finances. The December (Provider) article has details. This home is a place of faith-walkers, people who ride the roller-coaster of trusting God through the ups & downs and around the unseen curves – ever secure yet sometimes scary. We’ve been getting to know one another and sharing stories of our mutual Beloved, much in the same way as women for generations before me have done. Because of our bond with Jesus, we are forming bonds with each other and working together to make this particular roof of His household a better place for all and a spot for welcoming more people into His family. As far as we know, I will be here for an indefinite time, and there will be plenty that we can contribute to one another between now and whenever.

A week after I moved in, I had a 3-hour impromptu informal interview with the founder & director of a deaf ministry. We are negotiating a partnership so that I can begin formally raising financial support and the accounting, accountability, and tax paperwork will be managed by people who know what they’re doing. Much of our discussion came back to faith-walking, tales of how God made arrangements to see His objectives accomplished. Just like the family I’m settling into, the ministry and I can contribute resources and skills to one another, working together to add more people to God’s household. After all, we’ll want plenty of fluent signers in Heaven’s visual praise choir, don’t you agree??

The personal Bible Studies are regaining their footing. I have a preferred seat at Panera two days a week to Skype with my Chicago friend, and my other friend has returned from her travels so we’ll get that study resumed soon. Cold weather is a hurdle, but it comes with the territory. Now that I’m in a new geographic area, I’m going to try my hand at identifying and meeting with deaf people in this locale, perhaps getting a group together for fellowship & study nearby.

Pray for the odd but essential things like internet connectivity, Skype cooperation, and an easing of pain-inducing weather patterns. Several in my circles are dealing with health issues, many significant, and we have a growing list of deaf people who have lost (or are losing) their fathers in recent weeks. Eternity is rather in-their-face at the moment – pray for wise and fluent people to step up beside them and lead them to the One who holds time and life in His hands.

Grieving Christians often comfort one another with Jesus’ promise: “I go to prepare a place for you”. These words have taken on a new meaning for me. In short, He can coordinate multiple people and places here on Earth from His vantage point in Heaven. (yes, I know that’s very much out of context, as surrounding statements clarify) With the stories I’ve been witness to in the last several weeks, I’m convinced that God’s been busy in the Real Estate market. He owns it all, prepares to provide, and relationships are His highest priority. Who wouldn’t want to be part of His family??

Faith Workout – Session 3

No, we’re not even going to count how many weeks it’s been since Session 2.  The important question is, do you have your list of blessings that are yours due to your placement in your family, community, country, and time frame?

I’ve already taken advantage of several this morning: a firm mattress bed in a sheltered place (with snow outside), an operational commode & sink, privacy to dress in clean clothes, and at least three choices of breakfast food.  Since I’ve chosen cinnamon toast, I’m pleased to have an electric toaster that won’t turn my bread into a burnt offering, and of course, the electric to operate it.  In America, it still goes without saying (too often) that I am free to make choices and live without fear that half an army will come swarming into my home.

Now, we’re going to narrow the scope farther, and make another list.  C’mon, you knew this was coming eventually…  This time, start a list of blessings, opportunities, rescues, and messages that are uniquely yours alone.  The day you were at your wit’s end and the one friend or family member who could help without making matters worse just ‘happened’ to pop by, unaware that you needed them, but with time and energy to give you.  Arriving at a busy store at just the right moment to get the closest non-handicap spot.  The right song coming on the radio just when you needed to hear it’s message.  An overlooked $5 bill in your pocket just when you need a bit of cash.  Being the one person on the scene with an intimate knowledge of some mechanical or medical situation so you could be someone else’s Angel-du-Jour.

In my life, there have been several chains-of-events that I could trace back through and see the decision tree that made the current moment possible.  One is in this article.

The key is, you were specifically designed with characteristics and experiences in order to fit into God’s scheme of bringing unique individuals to Himself.  Part of growing your faith to help you walk through the situations that seem uncomfortable or wasteful is seeing the situations of blessing and provision that are uniquely yours.  Making this list will help you get beyond the media message that everyone is just an amorphous interchangeable blob of tissue & emotion.  Let God show you that He is not too busy to be involved with the moments of your life.  Yes, yours!

If you could use a jump-start, take a look at Ehud in the book of Judges…he was a lefty, so he got his dagger past the standard pat-down of his day, freeing his people from a tyrant.  Joseph was falsely accused & sitting in a jail cell when the king’s servants were put there for some infraction, and his ability to understand dreams eventually resulted in saving their known world from an impending famine.  Esther was selected above all other ladies to be the next Persian Queen, enabling her to speak up for all Jews in the empire during a critical and deadly episode.

What coordinated incidents (coincidences) have you been involved in or privy to?  What special skills or insights have you been granted because of your collection of characteristics and experiences?  Dust off your pen & start listing… (and don’t forget to say ‘Thank You’).

Three Ways to Praise

My parents, because they are parents and love me, are rather obsessed with my safety.  This isn’t entirely a bad thing, as it motivated them to dress me warmly, keep me from danger, and counsel me about people, places, and driving habits.  Now that I’ve been driving for 30 years, Mom still can’t resist the urge to fuss over my safety….she is, forever, my mom.

Musing over this, from behind the wheel, this thought occurred to me: No matter our situation or what we may encounter, there are always three ways to praise.

1) We can give thanks and testify to God’s protective care.  These are the accidents, illnesses, disasters or mischief that He has kept us from, either by preventing their occurrence or by rescuing us in the nick of time.  I have many of these stories.  Mom knows some of them.

2) We can give thanks and testify to God’s comforting presence.  These are the times He allows something awful, and He walks through it with us, often carrying us.  Many have compelling stories through which they draw others to the strength and grace of Him who would do anything to get our attention and offer us salvation from a far worse eternal fate. May I direct your attention, again, to the blog of Tricia Lott Williford, mom, widow, and author.

3) We can go Home, and give thanks and testimony to God’s unfathomable love.  For the believer, as Paul wrote, “to live is Christ, to die is gain”.  Should earth’s very worst befall us, we will suddenly find ourselves in the place of wholeness and perfection, never to be bothered by pain again.  Who needs safety??

So, the next time you get a little hung up on worry, or find yourself suddenly on the edge of complaint, remember:  No matter the situation, there are always three ways to praise.