This page was made for a specific person following a particular conversation.  It does, however, provide an overview of essential ideas scattered throughout the blog, so I’ll keep it, with a few updates.

First up, The Contract – an imagined meeting of God, the trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Next, we’ll go with The Matrix – a look at our pervasive environment.

And then there’s the trusty Parachute – don’t leave the planet without it!

(the next thought only makes sense to me and my guest, but I’m not willing to forget to get back to it)  I haven’t written one about the pen, but I like how it worked….oh, and then when it was safely tucked away and zipped up? – there’s an analogy there too 🙂  …no, wait…this one works with the pen (which previously was a knife)…

This can be conveniently followed by the article called Stretching and Reaching

Ok…now for a few “read it for yourself” entries…

Since the list is growing, these stories are of people who simply made a commitment of faith and found that that’s all it takes:

…and there was this woman

…and the one with five husbands, shacking up with Mr. not-a-hubby

Ok, now to switch gears…  The Family Bard – you’ll want to have your tissues handy.

Ready for some fluff?  Here’s a personal favorite, The Teddy Bear.

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  1. have seached your beautiful site but could not find any place to see your reunion song. please give directions.

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